Why Fans Think that Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Have Broken Up

Ever since Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly officially became a couple of two years ago, people couldn’t keep their eyes away from them. From MGK and Fox’s close blood-drinking tradition to magazine covers to words she claims came from her childhood, they seem to have an unlikely connection. With all of this in mind, it seems like it would take something serious to spark breakup speculation, and there are several reasons why fans think the Switchgrass cast relationship may be over. Let’s see the proof:

MGK and Megan Fox are not on each other’s Instagram

The latest photo of the couple on Megan Fox’s Instagram page is uncharacteristic of the famous actress, which went viral on social media about her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly, who proposed under the tree 11 weeks ago in January. it is important for couples. Since then, she’s shared several single photos that fans believe are “single female content,” and her most recent post a week ago included some candid shots of ​​Kourtney Kardashian at the SKIMS photo shoot.

He told the same story on MGK’s Instagram, as the last photo he shared of himself and Megan Fox together was six weeks ago when the couple showed off their pink hair. Meanwhile, Machine Gun Kelly is shown in the video slamming a glass of champagne over his head, causing a bloody mess. Since then, the rapper (real name Colson Baker) has shared photos from his trip, many photos with his daughter, and even a video with the mayor of Cleveland declaring August 13 as Machine Gun Kelly Day in the actor’s hometown.

Social media rumours are rife

There has been no official confirmation of the couple’s whereabouts, but speculation on social media is everywhere, with many who support the theory pointing to their misunderstanding as evidence. Anyway, everyone has an opinion:

Rumours of MGK and Megan Fox’s split have been around for weeks, ever since Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson announced they were calling it quits after nine months together. Do fans present Davidson’s problems to their friends? Or a case of “there’s smoke, there’s fire”? Some Twitter fans are calling it the end of an era, or at least the end of a season:

With rumours circulating on social media, it looks like the couple should have reacted faster, especially if the speculations about the divorce are true. The longer they go without publicly declaring their love or photos of them together, the more likely people will start to believe the rumours.

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