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WhatsApp let the users send videos in any quality

WhatsApp introduces new features day by day to improves its quality. Recently WhatsApp is going to introduce a new feature. The users can send videos of any quality. A few months ago WhatsApp launched the voice note effect. No doubt WhatsApp is one of the most popular platforms of social media. To meet the demand of the market standards WhatsApp brings up new aspects.

Users can deliver different kinds of media files on WhatsApp, containing videos. However, the application automatically condenses the videos while sharing. The user can send the original file only in the form of a document.

This feature was already developed by other social media apps like a telegram. It allows users to send videos in different quality levels. However, the same feature is in progress by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp offers three options in this element;

1.Auto recommended; In this case, the app automatically recognized the size and format of the video.

2. Best Quality; It might take some time for sending. But users would able to get good quality video.

3. Data Saver; If the data saver mode is activated. The app automatically compresses the video before sending it and maintains the best result.

The video upload quality feature was first introduced by WABetaInfo.  Selecting the video quality before sending is helpful because it means that you can select the right choice to share the video without large contraction. You can use the “data saver” mode to minimize data loss.

This feature is not active yet. But in feature, it ultimately creates a great impact. It helps and enables slow internet connection users. This feature assists them to send videos without any distortion.

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