V Performs on Stage, Kim Taehyung Spends Ordinary Days With Family: BTS Member on His Proof of Inspiration

Bangtan Sonyeondan or BTS is all set to release their anthology album Proof. After releasing three tracklists, the official Twitter handle of the band released a short video where singer Kim Taehyung aka V is heard talking about the two songs he has selected for their album. The new album will feature a mix of new and old songs. As a part of their promotional schedule, V talked about his ‘Proof of Inspiration’ and said how he keeps these two personalities different.

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The Christmas Tree Singer began by saying that he chose Singularity and Zero O’Clock for their album, Proof. He continued, “I tend to think of Kim Taehyung, and artist V as being separate, and thought that I had to choose one or the other, as visually portrayed in the Singularity music video. That was when I thought hard about who I was as a person, and I felt a bit confused.”
“Artist V performs on stage, and enjoys himself with ARMY, but Kim Taehyung spends ordinary days with family and friends. Now I’m able to accept both sides of myself, but also keep them separate. I’ve lessened the burden of thinking so much, too, just like how the day resets at midnight. But I think all this time I spent pondering is the Proof that made me into who I am today.”

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