Ups and downs of outfits on hum style awards 2021

The 5th hum style awards were held on Sunday in Lahore. But it’s still in the trending news on Twitter as the discussion on actors’ revealing dressing is on board.  People trolled strapless gowns, backless tops,  plunging necklines on the hum style awards.

When you switched to the media to check who was looking great in hum style awards 2021 you can come across a number of memes and condemning remarks on the revealing dressing.

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People have lit the discussion mostly on Alizeh Shah on wearing the strapless black gown, and Ayesha Omar on its switching white shimmery gown. While Resham and Nadia Hussain are appreciated for their dressing in keeping their religious dress code. Not only the ordinary people but also the people of the industry have spoken up on the vulgarity and the fashion sense of actresses. Actors are divided up in the discussion as Armeena and Mathira defend actresses on their dressing. Bilal Qureshi, Iffat Omar, Simi Raheel, and Alyzeh have spoken about the death of fashion sense.

Iffat Omar said, “rest in peace, fashion sense”.

Bilal Qureshi stated that they don’t have to wear revealing clothes to look like divas. You are already beautiful and talented.

Simi rehael said in one of his posts why it is necessary to dress like the western world to look beautiful, moreover, she appreciated Resham on her dressing and advised Alizeh Shah and Aima Baig.

While Armeena and Mathira talk in the favor of actresses.

Armeena said, “All the actors and attendees look beautiful in the hum style award show.’

Mathira commented, “women have the right to wear what makes them beautiful.”

Apart from trolling, people also appreciated actresses taking such risks with their sartorial dressing. The award show is still trending on Twitter.

Reaction on Hum style Award Nominees

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