Turkey On Fire

Six days ago, a fire came out and burn thousands of hectares of forest. A deadly wildfire has shaved the vast areas of forests and villages. Right people had died till now.

Southern Coastline Manavgat:

The southern coastline of the Manavgat region of Tukey is still burning. In the Antalya district of Manavgat, the clouds of huge smoke appeared periodically. Every time after controlling the fire another minor ignite came out. Mangat is the most affected area of Turkey. In this region, seasonal fires are common and beneficial for maintaining a healthy ecosystem. But that type of unusual fire is uncommon. According to Environmental group.

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A huge loss of land:

In the last six days, one hundred and thirty-two disastrous flames had burned the southern and other tracts of turkey. In this outrageous accident, the death of eight people has been reported. More than 118,789 hectares of land is burned.

Tourists spots are under threat:

One of the attractive tourist spots in the southern region of Turkey is Antalya. Due to the fire, an increase In temperature was observed. The average temperature of Antalya was about 30 degrees Celsius at this time of year. But now It has been increased up to 40 degrees Celsius. Many of the flames slashed the forests near the famous and popular destinations of local and foreign tourists. Such as Bodrum and Marmaris. The ascending temperature was observed in areas of southern Europe including Spain, Italy and Greece.

Sirtkoy Village:

Sirtkoy is a small village famous for the production of fragrant bay leaves that are used in cooking. On last Sunday morning, a fire appeared and within an hour, all the houses and local schools were turned into ash. Like many people of Sirtkoy Cinar, a resident is also badly affected by this tragedy. In her interview with the international news channel. She said that in this no vegetables and crops are cultivated because of soil type. The only source of income is the plantation of bay trees. She said that she had 800 bay trees. But now they all have burned.

Firefighters are struggling:

Some people believe that it is a sign of climate change. No doubt Turkey was not prepared for this unexpected tragedy. The firefighters are struggling to put out the fire. The firefighters and forestry workers laboured with fire. But fire seems like a trick candle. Within no time the fire reignited. The eyes of many people turned red due to irritating smoke. Many people were trying to keep away fires from their homes. The neighbour countries of Europe has also sent planes to overcome the fire.

Erdogan visited affected areas:

Last weekend Tayyab Erdogan President of Turkey with other government ministers came over to local communities destroyed by fires. In his conversation, he said that government will take all necessary steps to compensate for this huge loss. He said that we could not do anything without the will and mercy of Allah. He motivated his nation that we shall replace and overcome all the loss.

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