Top vloggers of Pakistan

  • Shahveer jafry:

 Shahveer Jafri is a young influencer and content creator. He is a Pakistani sketch comedy artist. He is settled in Canada with his family. He mostly made videos on south Asian Candian families representing their culture and tradition. He has a fan following of 2.97 million followers. He is most famous among youngsters. He is nowadays settled in Pakistan. He posts pictures from different locations in Pakistan and now makes videos in Lahore. His brothers and his mother are also good content creators.

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  •  Food fusion:

Food fusion is a platform that redefines all your cooking skills. This cooking channel is famous in Pakistan as well as all around the world. It adds flavour and taste to your desi cooking as well as redirects the western cooking style. It is a platform that helps you to make delicious recipes at home. Food fusion has shrunk the lengthening recipes with the same taste and flavour. Asad Memon and his wife his the power couple behind this channel. It is popular among all ages of people. It has 3.47 million fans following.

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  • Mooroo:

Taimur Salahuddin called Moore is a  known comedian, YouTuber, filmmaker and musician. He is one of the greatest Pakistani internet personalities. He has a great sense of humour mostly shown in his videos. He is known as one of the pioneers of vlogging. Recently he has hosted a hum style online award show. He has won a number of awards related to his vlogging and also done songs. He has a fan following of 1.01 million followers.

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  • Ukhano:

  Umar khan is known as “Ukhano” is a photographer, vlogger, content creator, and creator artist. He is always pushing himself towards the natural beauty of Pakistan. His vlogs are based on travelling to the northern areas of Pakistan representing nature. He depicts the parents forcing their children towards engineering and medical fields. He has just proved himself an excellent vlogger at the age of 22. Recently he had married the love of his life. His wife is also a traveller and a photographer. She edited her husband’s contents.

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  • P 4 Pakao:

  “P 4 pakao” is a youtube channel run by Nadir Ali. Nadir Ali is known for his pranks and great sense of humour. He works with his team which are all famous comedians. Mostly, Rizwan Ahmed and Asim Santara have appeared in videos. He has a great fan following not only in Pakistan but as well as India, Bangladesh, Nepal e.t.c. he has a fan following of 3.56 million subscribers.

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  • Zaid Ali Tvlogs:

  Zaid Ali T vlogs is a youtube channel owned by none other than Zaiid Ali. He is a Canadian YouTuber who is known for his comedy and great sense of humour.  He is known all over the world in a number of countries for his sarcastic videos based on the tradition and culture of brown people. He has won a number of awards and had a great fan following. He has 3.24 million subscribers.

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Qasim Ali shah:

           Qasim Ali Shah is the most famous trainer, a well-renowned teacher and a motivational speaker. He is known for his great content and power of speaking. He is the most followed speaker not only by youth but also by old age people. His youtube channel is mostly based on small motivational videos. He has a fan following of around 2.8 million followers. He has founded a nonprofit organisationQasim Ali Shah Foundation” which is working on the motive that Pakistan will transform if the perception of the people will change.

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