Top Best Samsung Printers

Samsung is a South Korean multinational company that comprises different affiliated businesses. Among the list of Samsung products, one is the printer category. Samsung printers are well known around the globe for their multifarious functions and excellent performance. There are many best printers by Samsung, some of them are given below.

Samsung Xpress SL-M2070FW Laser Multifunction Printer

This printer is the most budget-friendly and mid-ranged working machine that is suitable for homes, offices, and small-scale businesses. It would not be wrong to say it is the printing workhorse of Samsung. The HP Samsung Xpress SL-M2070FW has a lot of great features that overlap and meet all your needs.

It has a very nice and compact body that gives a very decent look. It has a medium size, so, it can be adjusted easily on your office table and everywhere else. The device usually comes in black and silver color. As far as its features are concerned, Samsung Xpress SL-M2070FW comes with NFC print technology and has electronic features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, eco-features, and many more. It takes only 9 seconds to print the first page, moreover, it has an excellent output or print quality.

  • This model has all the features of print, scan, and fax.
  • It works on Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi Direct connections both, thus gives ultimate productivity and result. With a suitable and affordable price-point, this device is a perfect match for busy families that want to stay connected which makes it the best Samsung’s printer.

Samsung Pro Xpress SL-M4530ND Laser Printer

This updated and improved model of Samsung works on the principle of laser thus, gives an excellent result and output. It has a tight, thick, and firm body with a decent color of black and grey. Based upon its color and tightly packed body it can find its place on an office table and anywhere else.

This Samsung laser printer consists of all the modern features that will make your work stunning and effective. It has a high-capacity print drum and prints 45 pages per minute which is a very impressive feature.

The modified RECP print technology (Rendering Engine for Clean Pages) will provide you a better output result. It has the ability to polish the edges of fonts and makes them deeper and clear, resultantly the fonts give a high-resolution look. A similar crisp look seems on your scans and copies, too.

  • This Samsung printer comes with 2 trays for pages that range between 100-500.
  • The monthly recommended print volume is up to 15,000 pages.

Samsung Xpress SL-C480FW Color Laser Multifunction Printer

This stunning printer is the best affordable printer with all the modern and upgraded features that you need. This Samsung printer is the perfect match for your office, home, and small-scale business.

It has a beautiful and attractive body with a decent color that occupies less table space and is the master of adding colors to your life. This model consists of all the extras and features like NFC, eco-boosting and, an easy USB-free setup. It has the ability to print up to 1,500 full-color sheets between cartridge replacements, which gives it high marks for affordability without any quality loss. It is one of the best Samsung printers.

  • The Samsung SL-C480FW color laser printer comes with a fast processor of 800 MHz CPU that helps it print fast.
  • This printer bestows up to 19 black-and-white sheets per minute and four pages per minute in color.

Samsung ML-1865W Mono Laser printer

The Samsung ML-186W printer is a mono laser printer and Samsung is one of the main manufacturers of this type of printer. ML-1865W is a delicate and petite printer, that perfectly suits to partner a laptop or PC for everybody with occasional, high-quality black print utilities.

This printer has a smart body with black mat finishing that can add décor to your office or home. It has a paper sheet capacity of 150 with an A4 paper size and has a simple and accessible control panel. The control panel has two buttons for Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi direct options. It consists of a USB port that is situated on the backside of the printer. Samsung rates the printer at 18ppm which is very stunning and impressive. It has a blazing printing speed with a high resolution of 1,200 dpi.

  • The drum and toner cartridges are combined that are available in just one capacity of 1,500 pages.
  • It is also one of the best Samsung printers having versatile connectivity options and fast speed.

Samsung ML-3710ND

Samsung’s ML-3710ND mono laser is similar to the ML-3310ND but is faster than that. It is a mono laser printer and comes with many good features and an impressive ethernet-link speed. This printer has a very good body with a compact design on it having an off-white color. It provides you with three good cartridge capacities, an effective ethernet-link speed, and a flexible environment setting.

Because of its environmental flexibility, it can be placed anywhere easily, moreover, it occupies less space and can be adjusted easily on your office table or anywhere you want. It has a navigation ring in the control panel and consists of a 2- line by 16- character display.

  • It has an Eco button that can control duplex print, multiple pages per sheet, blank page suppression, and saves toner.
  • Its driver includes a simulator that tells you that how much CO2, electric power supply, and paper you are saving with the options you select – that is very helpful for the user.


Samsung is one of the best brands in the field of printer and copiers manufacturing, it provides the office and industry professionals with the best printers along with modern tech and specifications. There are also many printers by Samsung that are used for home purposes. Moreover, these printers are user-friendly that makes them popular and demanding. One of the most important and notable aspects of the Samsung printer is that they are marvelous in performance and keeps the security and data of the user. Samsung’s printers also give your office environment the chance to experience a surge in productivity.

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