Why new technology is making nuclear weapons control harder

Why New Technology Is Making Nuclear Arms Control Harder

The US, China, and Russia are locked in a high-tech race to perfect new nuclear capabilities, rendering some Cold War safeguards obsolete.The risks associated with nuclear weapons are rising once again, the heads of three US intelligence agencies told lawmakers last week, as Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine intensified. It shouldn’t have been like this. … Read more

Effects of Food Production on Environment

In the first place, before food creation even starts, normal living spaces and biological systems are annihilated to clear land that will be utilized for farming. One of the main causes of population decline among wildlife is habitat loss. At the point when trees are chopped down to account for farmland, nearby species who endure … Read more

China’s producer price growth to slow down inflation pressure

Prices for the most-traded copper contract on the Shanghai Futures Exchange fell 7.7% in June. Some analysts believe the moves will have only a limited impact due to an ongoing imbalance between tight supplies and rising demand by more countries recovering from the pandemic. NBS data also showed China’s consumer price index rose 1.1% in … Read more