Seams to be an Old Man, 60 Years Abdul Waheed

Abdul Waheed amazed the audience by winning the Bodybuilding championship 2021

Age is just a number. No matter how old are you. You can achieve success in any phase of your life. It can be proved by Ustad Abdul Waheed. He is a 60-year-old man who wins the Bodybuilding Championship 2021. At the age of 60 where most men retired and get relaxed. Abdul Waheed pursues his childhood dream.

Views of Abdul Waheed:

Abdul Waheed said that fitness and good health are the blessings of Allah. He added that our youngsters should keep themselves fit and healthy. He said that there is no shortcut to success. Consistency and hard work are necessary for success. He added that I was sixteen when I decided to become a bodybuilder. He laughed and said that with this fitness and blessing of Allah I can also win the competition at the age of 100.

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Attractive icon:

Waheed became an attractive icon for the people. His attractive and muscular biceps, triceps, and six-packs caught the attention of the audience. Moreover, the photographers took his stunning photographs with different poses and styles. His side pose photo of strenuous biceps and triceps has become popular on social media.

Training of youngsters:

Waheed also owns his gym. Where he trains the youngsters with a little gym fee. He also gave a special discount to his deserving students. Abdul Waheed aimed to prevent the Pakistani youth from drugs. People called him different names like “Ustad G” and “Baba G’ because of his old age and white beard. In the morning he works as a tailor and runs the gym in the evening.

Diet of Abdul Waheed:

Many people think that for winning such type of competitions. A bulky diet is compulsory like consuming whole meat and chicken. But in reality, bodybuilding is an art of unique appearance. The bodybuilder consumes a very specific diet that enhances the production of muscles. In some interviews, Abdul Waheed said that his diet consists of six to seven meals in a day. Each meal consists of different ingredients like minced meat, salad, dry fruit, milk, eggs, and much more.

Titles received by Abdul:

According to Abdul Waheed he started to appear in competitions twenty year ago when he was forty years old. He recently won the title of Mr. Punjab and Mr. Lahore. Now he aimed to gain the title of Mr. Asia. He also demanded government support to achieve this goal.

Family of Abdul Waheed:

Abdul Waheed has one son and two daughters. He also has three grandchildren. A few days ago his son met a serious accident. His ribs were fractured. At that hard time on his family, Abdul stood up for his family and run the economic circle of his house.

No doubt the people like Abdul Waheed are a great source of motivation for all of us. The inspirational story of Abdul Waheed indicates that nothing is impossible if you are clear about your aim and goal. It also implies that there is not any shortcut to success. Sometimes you may wait for years to achieve your desired target. It only depends upon your consistency and desire for your dream.

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