Saudi Government Decided to reopen its horizons for Foreigners

Saudi Arabia notified openly of the opening of its boundaries on Friday. The borders are opened for fully vaccinated foreign tourists. After 17-month of the Covid-19 lockdown visitors would be able to discover their destinations.

No Entry in Haram:

However, the authority of Riyadh did not announce any news for the opening of Haram(Makkah and Madina) for Muslims. Umrah is one of the Islamic acts of Muslims. It can be performed at any time of the year. Millions of Muslims are used to visit Haram every year. According to the Tourism Authority of Saudia, the entrance of tourists will start from the 1st of August 2021.

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Recommended Vaccines for Tourists:

It said that those travelers who got vaccines of Pfizer, Jhonson and Jhonson, AstraZeneca, and Moderna would be able to immigrate to the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia without going to Quarantine period. However, the negative report of PCR covid 19 not delay than 72 hours is essential. These tests were added as details in the record of the Ministry of Health.

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Sacred Places of Muslims:

The main and basic tourist destinations of Saudia are Makkah and Madina. These two places are one of the most sacred places in the universe for Muslims. No doubt the Saudi government generates a lot of tourism revenue from these two destinations. Only from these two spots government-generated almost revenue of 26 billion US dollars. Presently only those persons who are vaccinated and residents of Saudia Arabia are allowed to perform Umrah privileges. The land of Arab is blessed with reservoirs of oils. The main source of economy in Saudia is raw and refined oil. But no doubt in the last 7-8 years the Saudi government promote tourism. They spent a lot of revenue on infrastructure and innovations in the country.

Covid a Global Pandemic:

Covid 19 is a global pandemic. It badly hits every country on the globe. All countries take adequate protocols to control this pandemic. As corona disturbed the economy of every country. In the same way, covid also disturbed the revenue of Saudia. Mainly the revenue that is generated from Hajj and Umrah is poorly affected. But due to complete lockdown and adaptation of early precautionary measures the death rate is reduced. Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest oil exporter country in the world. Due to the covid pandemic and decrease in the reservoir of oil Saudia is facing a double economic dilemma.

The oil production from 9. 4 million barrels in the last one and half years and 9.3 million in the earlier section is reduced to 8.8 million barrels during July and September.

Vaccination Program for Locals:

The government has stimulated the procedure of the national vaccination drive. To restored tourism, sports activities, and hangout sites the government takes serious measures on time. From August 1 the administration declared that vaccine is mandatory for everyone to enter government and private working centers. As well as on entering of entertainment spots and use of public transport.

 More than 523,000 corn cases were reported till now with 8,213 casualties so far.

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