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Sanam Jung retracted rumors about divorce.

Sanam Jung denied news about the divorce with her husband as the news was revealing that they live separately.  Sanam Jung revealed in the show “Time out with Ahsan Khan” that she and Qassam are not living together because their daughter Alya didn’t get a US visa and she really doesn’t want to visit Qassim as Alya will be alone here.

Recently in January, Sanam Jung replied to a comment on Instagram which was ‘You and Qassim are getting divorced’.She answered,” Just because of you.” she cleared in an interview later that she just did a prank.

 Moreover, she cleared that Alya didn’t have a US visa so they are not able to live together. She said that they will reunite whenever her husband visits Pakistan. She also said that was the reason for the divorce rumors roaming around.

She also posted a picture with a caption and a clarification post.

Sanam Jung does not care about the false rumors about her divorce from her husband Kasam.

In a recent interview with Urdu News, the actor and the show host touched on how a mere joke made by him turned into a new controversy.

“I wasn’t upset at all because of the false news of my divorce on social media. Just because I didn’t post pictures with my husband, everyone thought we got divorced,” continued, “Someone said the same thing. Comment below my Instagram post, so I also jokingly wrote that it happened because of you. I did not expect this joke to spread so much that it will put pressure on the family too.

The mother-in-law also shared her routine and shed light on maintaining work-life balance.

“I help my daughter make breakfast, send her to school and keep in touch with the family on the phone even when I am shooting,” she concluded.

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