Pakistan is going to establish Asia’s Largest Eye Hospital

Al-Shifa Trust started its operation to set up Asia’s largest eye hospital in Rawalpindi. The hospital can treat one lakh fifty thousand patients in a year. According to the executive director of Al-Shifa Trust. The aim of the hospital is to encourage high-quality treatment. The total cost to complete this project will be one billion rupees.
After completion of the hospital. It will be able to treat 500 outpatients and 50 complex surgeries. The executive director of the Al-Shifa Trust said that the hospital was completed under the supervision of the Al-Shifa President. Major General Rahmat Khan.

Hospital Management

The officials of the hospital are fully motivated to provide the best care to patients and families. Hospital has been designed to treat children. They have employed sixteen eye specialists. The operation theatres have been fully equipped with the latest technology and machinery. The special building consists of four floors that had been dedicated specially for eye cancer patients. The hospital will also be provided with a cafeteria, doctor’s rooms, waiting areas, parking and private rooms.

Treatment Cost:

Eighty percent of the patients were treated free of cost. The hospital management claimed that patients did not need to go to the UK and the USA for treatment. All the latest treatments of the world will be given to patients in Pakistan. Services like eye screening will be considered mandatory for children. Because many of the babies should be able to focus, colour detection and vision depth at the age of six months.

Eye Screening test facilities:

The hospital had the latest eyesight detection tools, especially for children. Because sight weakness is increasing day by day in children. According to the eye screening test of school-going children, 20 per cent of children had some kind of eye problem and five percent of the children had serious eye ailments. The hospital prepared a special schedule for an eye screening test. In the first phase, babies of six months will be examined. In the second phase before going to school at the age of three years. The eyes of children would be examined again.

The message of President Al-Shifa Trust Rehmat Khan:

In his interview with PTV, he said Al-Shifa has also started many other projects. He added that Al-Shifa trust Chakwal is near to its completion. He said that after this our next project is to open the next hospital in Quetta. He also addressed the media that we need to start awareness among people to donate their eyes and help the local community. The Chakwal hospital is a 30-bed hospital. He said that Al-Shifa Trust aims to establish a chain of eye treatment and care. He added that it would be helpful for our local community.

The reaction of People:

On social media, people are praising this distinguished project. People are very happy. On social media, Asia’s largest eye hospital became a trend.

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