Minal and Mohsin Khan outraged fans for wearing no seat belt

Minal Khan is a renowned actor after her hit projects Hassad, Nand, Jalan, and ongoing serial Ishq hai. While Ahsan Mohsin Khan had played the role in Pyar ka Sadqa. Both actors exchanged rings at the beginning of July. The cute and recent couple is loved by their fans. The love birds have been spotted spending their weekend together at different places, sometimes at the beach with their families and sometimes at restaurants. 

Recently, a video became viral of the couple driving and singing while not wearing seatbelts. The actors face an outlast for their irresponsible behavior by Wasim Akram’s wife, Shaniera. She said that both are famous and had a great fan following, so why have they played such an irresponsible act for not wearing seatbelts and keeping an eye on the road.

While Ayesha Omar supported Shaniera, as she recalls her accident five years ago in which she had broken a number of bones. She said that she would have saved her five bones five years ago if she would have worn a seat belt. As she was in the back seat but it was compulsory for her to wear a seat belt.

Minal Khan serenades fiancé Ahsan Mohsin Ikram, video Gose viral

Pakistani actress Minal Khan flaunted her singing skills and sang a song for fiancée Ahsan Mohsin Ikram, leaving fans in a tizzy.

Ahsan took to Instagram and shared a video clip in his story in which Meenal can be seen singing a song and grooving to it.

He sang at the behest of Ehsan.

In the video, Ehsaan can be heard asking Meenal to sing a song for him.

On this, the Sun Yaara actress flaunted her singing skills and started grooving to the song.

Minal Khan

Minal’s singing and dancing videos have won the hearts of fans on social media.

Minal Khan and Ehsaan Mohsin Ikram officially got engaged last month.

The celebrity couple took to social media to announce the good news with fans and followers.

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