‘Kurulus: Osman’ season 3 teaser released

There is good news for “Kurulus: Osman” as the third season teaser on a Turkish TV channel.

According to the makers of the historical series, the next season will release soon.

No exact release date has been shared by the production team of the show, which is the sequel to “Dirilis: Ertugrul”.

Kurulus Usman Season 3 Episode 1 Full in Urdu only on ATV Drama. New Drama Serial Kurulus Usman Season 3 Episode 1 Full TV Today on ATV Drama. Kurulus Usman Season 1 Cast Series is created by Mehmet Bozdag.

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Here you have Kurulus Usman Season 3 Episode 1 with Urdu Subtitles. I became a Muslim wholeheartedly. Whatever I have to do, I will do it sir. Since my Lord forgives my weakness as well, I will not deviate from any of His commands.

Thank you. Hi. This is our book. Our path, our light, is the crown of our heads. We are responsible for each of its verses and we are servants to eternity. Hi. Is there a hint, sir? Come on, Goktus. My lord Umur and his Alps are in preparation. Obviously, they will leave with sunrise. Then he’ll attack, huh. Brother, he prepares all the Alps.
This is a firm decision, Mr. Osman, my decision is final.
Mr. Bumsi! If Lord Omar doesn’t back down, will he shed the blood of Turkmenistan? Umur Bay has left camp with the Alps on it, sir. Beautiful. Let’s have a nice reception to Toge. Omar sir. My unofficial decision is final! I have not violated the good interests of any Muslim out of personal displeasure. The thesis is back! The news is over, Mr. Usman! Get away from the gas goers! Mr. Osman! what are you doing? Malian! Get off, I won’t tell you again! I will say it for the last time, Osman.

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