Is really Islamophobia Exist‼️

What is Islamophobia?

Islamophobia is a baseless and wrong vision. According to it, Muslims are directly associated with terrorism. This term was unknown a few years ago. After 9/11 or another terrorist attack around the world. This term came into being.

The killing of Muslim Canadian Family

Recently a few days ago, on June 6, 2021, a mournful incident take place in Canada. An extremist driver slammed the Muslim family with a truck. The four Muslim family members died on the spot. The family was mainly from Pakistan and moved to Canada in 2007.

The family include;

Salman Afzaal was a physiotherapist by profession. Madiha Salman was a student of a doctorate of civil engineering at Western University. Yumma Salman was studying in ninth grade. And their grandmother.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau strongly condemned this massacre. He called this incident a “terrorist” attack. He added that this accident was pre-planned and hit the specific community. The Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan also condemned this accident. He added that Islamophobia is a rising issue in the west. We need to take action on this serious matter.

The local Police Service charged 20-year-old Nathaniel Veltman with murder. At the time of arrest, he was wearing a vest and armor helmet. According to Police this preparation indicate this accident pre-planned.


This was not the first time. Last year in New Zealand a terrorist attacked occur in Muslim Mosque. The operations in Syria, Afghanistan, and Palestine targeted the community. Islam is a religion of peace and brotherhood. Terrorism doesn’t belong to Muslims. It is a worldwide issue rising day by day. The terrorist could be from every community, race, or creed. So specifically blamed Muslims for terrorism is not a good thing. So without criticizing each other we need to support and stand against terrorism.

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