How to upgrade your Dell Inspiron 5502

There are some things that you can do yourself and others which you should leave to the professionals. If your Dell Inspiron 5502 laptop is giving you problems, try to find the solutions on your own before calling tech support or taking it to a repair shop. The following article will help you troubleshoot common problems and give you some ideas about how to upgrade your laptop without breaking the bank.


The Dell Inspiron is an affordable laptop with a customizable design that lets you get exactly what you want. To customize it, go to the PC purchase page and click on select a model. This will show the different categories of customization options for you and let you choose which one suits your needs. Some of these options include screen size, video graphics card, processor type, RAM, and more. Once you have customized all of these aspects, move on to designing your laptop by selecting from 14 different covers or creating your own custom one! You can even personalize it with engraved text on the back. The rest of the order process is easy so make sure to follow those steps carefully until it arrives at your doorstep!

Power supply

When you’re in the process of upgrading the power supply for your laptop, it’s important to note that it’s only recommended that you change out a power supply from one brand to another. It can be dangerous to cross-connect voltage inputs, so even if you know what you’re doing, exercise caution. You’ll also need a replacement power cord. One way of getting around this is by purchasing an aftermarket power cord on eBay or Amazon, but make sure the voltage and wattage are appropriate for your computer.


For the CPU, I recommend a Core i3-7100. This is a great budget option that should be enough for most gamers. An i5 would also be another good option if you have the money, but this will just give you a little extra power when running newer games and apps. With either of these options, though, you will want to make sure you get the H110 chipset motherboard listed below, as it will run on both CPUs and is optimized for gaming.


Upgrading the motherboard of a Dell Inspiron 5502 is not an extremely difficult task, though you will need some soldering skills. Start by unplugging the laptop and removing the battery. Next, remove all screw from the top of the laptop that is connected to any wires. Once that’s done, use a plastic pry tool to slide under the black metallic tab on the side of the screen.


Upgrading a PC is always daunting and time-consuming, but it’s worth it. If you feel up to the task, continue reading. Here are the steps I took when upgrading my current PC:

  • Back up all my data! Seriously, do this before starting anything. There has been more than one occasion where I lost some really important files that could not be recovered after an upgrade and couldn’t find a backup anywhere. You don’t want to be in that circumstance, I assure you.

Hard Drive

All you need is a screwdriver and a magnetic mat. Take the case off the laptop, remove the original drive, and place it on the magnetic mat with the opening facing down. Line up the screw holes of your new hard drive to those of your old one (either by aligning or swapping out screws) and fit it into place. When finished, put everything back together and power on!


There are two primary reasons that I recommend upgrading the hard drive on a laptop: performance and longevity. The first factor is simple – A Solid State Drive, or SSD, has no moving parts so it’s faster than a traditional spinning disk. Faster access times translate into improved gaming and video editing performance. In addition, an SSD will give you longer battery life due to the low power draw of flash memory versus a traditional hard drive.

Optical Drive

Even if you’re not a tech guru, replacing the optical drive on a Dell Inspiron 5502 is a simple process that takes about five minutes. There are three screws near the front of the case at the top and two more on either side of the cover for holding it in place. You’ll need to use a flathead screwdriver for those four screws.


Does Dell Inspiron 5502 have a graphics card?

Dell has put some notable specs in the PC, like a 5th generation Intel Core i5 CPU and a basic dedicated graphics card from AMD. The bottom of the tower does not have a slot for adding an add-in graphics card, but that may be due to the compact case size. There is plenty of video output on this desktop with 2 Display Ports, 2 HDMI ports, and VGA and DVI ports. You can either choose an Nvidia or AMD solution depending on what you need.

Is Dell Inspiron 5502 Touch Screen?

Touch screens are a new innovation that has only been around for the past decade. They allow users to interact with their devices through direct touching and manipulation, which can sometimes be more efficient than using other forms of input such as a mouse or stylus. Touch screens are most often found on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, but they can also be found on other types of electronics like smart TVs or monitors for computers.


In conclusion, this guide is helpful for anyone looking to upgrade their laptop. Regardless of whether you’re looking for an inexpensive, easy-to-use laptop for homework or need a powerhouse gaming computer that can handle the most demanding games at max graphics settings and high frame rates, the Dell Inspiron 5502 has something for everyone.

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