Facts About windows 11

Microsoft has finally revealed the Windows 11 operating system, providing a cleaner, similar to Mac design and a bundle of new features. Windows 11 is going to provide its users with productive and helpful new features. Windows 11 introduces a unique variant with better guidelines and functions. It is one of the modern series of windows so far. Windows 11 is an amalgam of new features. Several changes have been made in this edition of windows so far.

Access to Android apps:

Microsoft finally provides access to android apps for its users. However not all android apps are available. Users would access the android apps through the Amazon app store. It provides almost 500000 apps including TikTok, Netflix, Pinterest, and many more. To get started, the users need to download the Amazon app store and then create an account there. After that, users will be able to download free or paid apps.

Snap layouts:

Windows 11 introduces an exceptional feature. Snap layout is the arrangement of different layouts on the screen. It provides different layout options for its users. The user can select the layout according to his/her choice. Snap Groups are the set of open windows that you saved in Snap Layouts, found in the taskbar for easy access to call up once again, so you can minimize or maximize them as a group.

Central layout:

One of the most noticeable changes in windows 11 is its start button. In the new version of windows, the start button is shifted in the centre of the taskbar. The start menu popup in the middle of the screen seems like a new experience for the user.

Microsoft team:

Windows provide the Microsoft team with a built-in option in an operating system. For making it easier and reliable for daily use.

Introduction of Game pass app:           

The dawdling and annoying Xbox app is replaced by the game pass app. It is easy to use and provides free access to download, delete, buy and manage gaming apps.


The new window widgets are similar to iOS. However, the user can resize or remove the widgets that are not liked by the user. The user can also localize the information.

Touch enhancement:

The windows develop new touch improvements regarding tablets and touch screen users. Several gestures are added. The size of the keyboard is reduced for easy use. Voice typing and emojis are also added.

The new Windows 11 is the leading way to the next generation operating system experience. The official confirms release date is not announced yet. The change in home screen layout, start button and centralized taskbar gives a window a new look. Windows is one of the oldest and reliable operating systems. Windows always try to update and facilitate its users according to the new era of technology. Windows 11 is an example of it. However, it is not available for users till now. But the rumours are surrounded by the beta version in the market. Some of the features of windows 11 are still unknown. It is very early to give any statement about windows performance. After user experience, the final judgement will be given.

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