Dell Precision 7730 laptop for your need

The Dell Precision 7730 is a workstation computer aimed at users in the fields of animation, design, and engineering who need some serious number-crunching power as well as high-end graphics capabilities. While there are cheaper pre-built options out there, the 7th Generation Intel processor and NVIDIA graphics card will definitely give you the processing and graphical power that you need to meet the requirements of your employment. Let’s take a closer look at the details of this new workstation.

Multimedia Design

The Dell Precision 7700 workstation is designed for demanding creative applications, such as architectural and industrial design. This year’s card comes with NVIDIA Quadro M1200 GPUs, which feature up to 2 GB of video memory and a 16-bit per channel (64-bit per CUDA core) IEEE floating point compute engine. The Dell Precision 7730 also offers two 4K or 5K displays that enable you to edit 4K footage or view five 30 1920×1080 screens on a single system. We’ll be reviewing the Dell Precision 7730 in the coming weeks.

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General Graphics Workstation

The Dell Precision 7730 is a fantastic gaming and multimedia workstation that can tackle any design project with ease. The massive NVIDIA Quadro P3000 graphics card will render whatever you throw at it with plenty of RAM and processing power to spare. And the gigantic 500GB solid-state drive will fly through anything from programming to editing, all without any lag or errors. We can’t recommend this system enough for anyone looking for an excellent general use workstation that excels in both professional tasks and leisure time!

Overview of the Card

The Dell Precision 7730 Graphics Card is one of the newest and most advanced workstation cards that was built with Virtual Reality, creative professionals, engineers, programmers, and architects in mind. The Nvidia Quadro M5000-ES solves a number of issues for heavy GPU users like overheating or not enough output/input bandwidth with its incredible cooling design and power supply to keep everything cool while handling high workloads. It has a 12GB GDDR5 memory running at 112GB per second which can produce 8K resolution. Not only does this card have more than ample features but it also comes with an NVLink connector which allows you to use two GPUs together on a single machine using 5-25x the performance of regular PCIe speeds.

Upgradability and Maintenance

Provided that you can find a strong power supply and a good motherboard, there is nothing stopping the Dell Precision 7730 from being upgraded. The upside to upgrading your rig yourself is that it will have less wear and tear since you are not passing it through carriers, so as long as you can get parts locally, there are many fun upgrades out there for this machine.

1 graphics card upgrade: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 or 1070. These cards offer an excellent upgrade for gamers who want to run some high-end titles at higher than 1080p resolutions with maxed-out settings or newer games with no problem.

Warranty and Support

If you’re a business owner, the warranty for your Dell notebook is different from what’s shown on the sticker. You have a business-hour global service repair (GSR) coverage that extends the standard warranty. If your notebook breaks down within its standard warranty, call us and we’ll dispatch a technician to fix it. However, if it breaks after the expiration of its original or extended warranty period, you have to pay for the repair services in full. If there are multiple damages, they may be fixed under one service agreement – although each damage will be assessed separately.


Does Dell Precision have a graphics card?

The Dell Precision 7730 graphics card is the company’s latest GPU, so if you are looking for a reliable workstation that can render 3-dimensional objects in real time, this would be an ideal choice. The system features a six-core, 12-thread Intel Xeon CPU and 64GB of DDR4 ECC RAM. It has an Nvidia Quadro P5200 graphics card with 16GB of GDDR5X video memory.

How do I remove my Dell graphics card?

The Dell Precision 7730 uses an easy-to-remove press-push connector on the back of the desktop tower that’s fast and secure. Simply press the module latch to release it, then push straight down until you hear a click. The video card is now free and ready to be removed.


The Dell Precision 7730 is a highly-recommended laptop. It can handle any type of graphical, gaming, or video editing work with ease. With NVIDIA’s new Max-Q technology and a desktop-class Intel CPU and Nvidia GPU, the Dell precision will allow for versatile performance at all times. The unique thermal solutions keep the hardware cool and stable. Along with the fully articulating touchscreen display, this laptop is an excellent choice for graphic designers or video editors who want powerful gear that’s easy to transport!

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