Chelsea vs Tottenham: the epic battle ends even

Chelsea and Tottenham played out a 2-2 draw in a classic London derby at Stamford Bridge, as the crowd erupted on the pitch between Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte and Spurs earned a point. 96th minute.
At the final whistle, Antonio Conte and Thomas Tuchel were both sent off for a standing ovation.

After Chelsea had twice taken the lead through Kalidou Koulibaly and Rhys James, Harry Kane’s header deflected off Rhys James to make it 2-2 with the last strike of the game.

Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg’s goal made it 1-1 but it was a controversial moment as Chelsea believed Havertz had made a mistake in the build-up.

Controversy erupted following a VAR review for a foul on Christian Romero (who clearly pulled his hair) from Mark Cucurella in Spurs’ 2-2 lead after Spurs had scored.

Chaos. As we love it in the Premier League
What we learned from Chelsea vs Tottenham
This is Tuchel’s ball: intensity. Control the tempo of the game. Three liquids that cause confusion. This is Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea. Many believed that they would struggle to finish in the top four this season and could go on, but this attacking performance shows that they will cause a lot of problems for their opponents. He obviously needs to improve defensively, and this tie feels like a letdown.

Spurs’ Plan B is dangerous: When Spurs switched to a 4-2-4 formation and brought on Richarlison to partner Harry Kane, it worked. They equalized (twice) and created some great opportunities, and this is a good choice for Conte as Spurs are struggling to create opportunities. After struggling to get any kind of rhythm throughout the game, the switch to 4-2-4 allowed them to keep the ball up the pitch. Against a weaker defense than Chelsea’s, this approach will have a field day.

Chaos ensued at the Battle of the Bridge 2022: pure chaos from Hojbjerg’s equalizer as Chelsea went up in smoke after Havertz was believed to be at fault. After the seats were cleared, Tuchel and Conte clashed on the sidelines. Tuchel then ran down to score Chelsea’s second goal, and then there was more pandemonium. Spurs scored a point from a corner in the 96th minute after Romero’s hair was ruled out by VAR. At the final whistle, Conte and Tuchel shook hands and carried on as a huge brawl broke out. This London derby rarely disappoints. This is a great event in the field and a great fight over the bridge.

Anthony Taylor, emphasis on energy: Chelsea will find themselves in a tough spot with many decisions to be made throughout the game, as Romero had to be sent off for a violent tackle on Cucurella, meaning Spurs should not be the same. The odds on Havertz were 50/50. Bentancur had the ball, and despite Havertz, the officials were able to point out that Spurs had a piece of the ball and the game seemed too advanced to prevent Spurs’ first goal.
Tactical focus
After a slow start, Chelsea took control of the game and it was Thomas Tuchel’s tactical mastery for 95 minutes. Ruben Loftus-Cheek started as a right winger, surprising many, but it was an achievement. RLC often goes deep, overloading the midfield, which prevents Tottenham from controlling the game. With the Spurs midfield locked down, Harry Kane and Heung-min Son have been sidelined, which doesn’t bode well for Tottenham. However, Antonio Conte switched to a 4-2-4 to help Spurs salvage a point as they progressed further and took more risks. When Chelsea returned, Conte showed why he is one of the best.

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