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Ayeza khan reveals her love for Madhuri Dixit

The famous and alluring actress Ayeza khan reveals her love and intimacy towards the actress across the border, Madhuri Dixit. In her previous post on Instagram, the actress has expressed her desire to meet with the rebellious actress Madhuri Dixit. On a note, Ayeza Khan is a lead actress in the Pakistani showbiz industry, and in her new play “Laapata”, she is playing the role of TikTok. In her TikTok, she used to dress up like different celebrities such as Noor Jahan, Madhuri Dixit, and Kajol. In her recent post, she has dressed up like Madhuri Dixit from her famous song, “Ek Do Teen” from the movie Tezaab.

She also wrote a heartfelt note with the pic of Madhuri stating that she has grown up watching movies and dances of  Madhuri and it was her wish to be dressed up as her. She wanted to meet Madhuri and tell him how much she loves her. She wanted her to know that how phenomenal a dancer and a great actress she is.

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Harassment act of Ayeza Khan in her play Laapata

The social media turn on fire on the little act of Ayeza Khan harassing a man showing the power of social media. In  Laapata, Ayeza Khan plays a role of a famous tiktoker. In her recent episode, she threatens a shopkeeper asking her for the payment of the goods she had bought. Ayeza as Geeti accuse man that she will post it on social media and then he will be in great problem.

She was indicating the power of social media. On a serious note, it also indicates that news gets viral on social media either knowing the truth of both sides. The social media troll Ayeza that in the world where daily women are getting killed, admonished, and harassed playing such a negative role can demolish the security and justice demand for women’s rights. The people asked that its the time our artists and writers should be more careful and responsible to their task and feel their duties towards the truth.

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