Avatar 2: The Path of Water Review: Major Disappointment Man!

I really did not see Character: The Means Of Water on an IMAX 3D display due to the fact that the nearest IMAX to where I live goes to the Grand Canyon and also they don’t reveal this sort of motion picture on that particular display (even if they did it’s being restored up until next Spring). The nearby IMAX is two-and-a-half hours away, and also while I want to drive to Phoenix az to leave the snow, it’s kind of a long way to go with a motion picture.

So I made a deal with myself. If I liked Means Of Water enough on a smaller-sized display– I saw it in 48 frames-per-second 3D– then I ‘d take the kids to the Valley over Christmas Break and we ‘d see it again on the most significant, bestest screen we can locate.

Well, junk those strategies. I question I’ll see Character 2 once more on any kind of display unless James Cameron wish to pay my traveling expenditures and buy me tickets and also maybe take me bent on dinner first. That’s what it would certainly take to drag me back to the theaters to watch this 3 hr and also 12 minute anime once again. A few ideas:
I really did not see Character: The Method Of Water on an IMAX 3D display due to the fact that the nearby IMAX to where I live is at the Grand Canyon as well as they don’t show this sort of motion picture on that particular screen (even if they did it’s being restored till following Springtime). The nearby IMAX is two-and-a-half hrs away, and also while I agree to drive to Phoenix metro to get out of the snow, it’s kind of a long ways to choose a flick.


So I negotiated with myself. If I liked Way Of Water sufficient on a smaller display– I saw it in 48 frames-per-second 3D– after that I would certainly take the youngsters down to the Valley over Christmas Break as well as we would certainly see it once more on the biggest, bestest screen we might find.


Well, scrap those plans. I question I’ll view Avatar 2 once again on any screen unless James Cameron would like to pay my travel expenses and buy me tickets as well as possibly take me bent on dinner first. That’s what it would take to drag me back to the theaters to enjoy this 3 hr and also 12 minute anime once again. A few thoughts:
There are some enjoyable moments in the flick! I loved the tulkun, a hyper-intelligent species of whale that can communicate telepathically. I thought they did some really neat things with all the sea as well as aquatic little bits, which is not a surprise offered James Cameron’s love of the sea that penetrates a lot of his work, in better films like Titanic and also The Void.

Several of the battles– while too long– were interesting as well as action-packed and also had trendy unique results. There were some funny and heartfelt scenes. I was amused when I had not been bored. I can’t await computer game to have graphics as crisp as well as high-definition!
But the tale is a mess. It’s a retread of the very first movie. The mustache-twirling bad guys want the valuable resources of Pandora. This moment it’s a golden whale goo that stops human aging. Last time it was the happily called Unobtanium. New resource, same story. Now we have water Navi with larger tails who can swim undersea for a really very long time. Currently we have underwater scenery as opposed to jungles. But the bad guys are coming with their guns as well as their bombs as well as their bombs and their weapons.

As well as the Navi– an unrefined analog for the aboriginal people of our own globe– remain the Noble Savage trope they were in the last film, just much less fascinating now. The White Savior, Jake Sully, has been completely incorporated into their neighborhood, but whatever interesting stuff defined them before his arrival, it’s all taken a back seat now to him and also his family. Sully’s stick together! we are reminded. Greater than when.


Nonetheless beautiful several of the CGI and also landscapes is in Way Of Water, it’s often broken up by unusual editing and enhancing, jarring cuts and much more jarring zooms. Several times throughout the film there’s hostile digital zooms that tear you out of any kind of feeling of immersion. My kids discussed this on our drive home after, so it’s not simply your simple narrator who located this off-putting.

Worse, still, was the discussion, especially among Jake’s children. Somehow, all the children regularly say “bro” or “cuz” per other. I guess it’s since Cameron and also his authors believe this is exactly how the young people chat these days or something. However even if that is just how youngsters in the US talk in 2022– it isn’t, not to this level– it makes no sense on an unusual planet. It’s not such as Jake is saying “brother” all the time (he often uses military jargon which makes more feeling and it makes sense when the kids use it). Did the youngsters choose this up from … the human scientists?

It’s so cringey and also strange. It advises me of the bad discussion in the new Willow collection. “I got you, brother!” “Yeah, brother, let’s go, bro!” “Hey cuz, let’s do this!”

Shut. Up. Stop talking! This isn’t exactly how individuals chat, let alone Navi people raised in a conventional tribe! It’s dreadful. Absolutely horrible. The creating feels a lot worse than in the initial Character which film really did not have specifically engaging dialogue to start with.

Ultimately, we have a movie that adheres to many of the same beats as its precursor, is overly-reliant on unique effects rather than a great manuscript, as well as has much excessive going on in any way times to actually aid develop this as a purposeful sequel that sets up an engaging franchise we want to keep diving into in three (or even more?) movies.

Frankly, the conflict with the human beings is simply boring and also uninteresting at this moment. I’m tired of cartoon bad guys and Noble Savages as well as points going boom left and right. I want even more of the good character things, more of the spiritual and intimate things, more swimming with intelligent whales and less blowing things up. I would certainly have liked it if this were an experience flick, with Jake and also his family members going out into the vast, wild world as well as encountering battles that had nothing to do with the human colonizers. Instead, we get limitless fight scenes that reminded me a little bit of the agonizingly perpetual fights in Aquaman (though the water scenes in this film are much, much better as well as much less unintentionally humorous).

Inevitably, Avatar: The Method Of Water is just not all that great or cerebral or exciting. It’s predictable, superficial as well as bombastic. This is a low-brow action movie worn the glitzy features of a high-brow sci-fi flick. Once you remove the 3D glasses, or the rose-tinted ones, the illusion is shattered.

I can not say don’t view Avatar 2 in cinemas. It’s still an insane example of where technology, CGI and film has actually come the years and also I make certain it’s a wild flight in IMAX 3D. Yet don’t go in with really high assumptions, either. If the seats in my cinema had actually been extra comfy, I’m pretty certain I would have taken a good lengthy nap. But then I would have had to see it once again to pen this review, which would certainly be … unfavorable.
Ranking: 3 out of 6 celebrities. Or on the Changed Little Male range, the Neutral Guy:

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