Pakistan is going to establish Asia’s Largest Eye Hospital

Al-Shifa Trust started its operation to set up Asia’s largest eye hospital in Rawalpindi. The hospital can treat one lakh fifty thousand patients in a year. According to the executive director of Al-Shifa Trust. The aim of the hospital is to encourage high-quality treatment. The total cost to complete this project will be one billion … Read more

Turkey On Fire

Six days ago, a fire came out and burn thousands of hectares of forest. A deadly wildfire has shaved the vast areas of forests and villages. Right people had died till now. Southern Coastline Manavgat: The southern coastline of the Manavgat region of Tukey is still burning. In the Antalya district of Manavgat, the clouds … Read more

Saudi Government Decided to reopen its horizons for Foreigners

Saudi Arabia notified openly of the opening of its boundaries on Friday. The borders are opened for fully vaccinated foreign tourists. After 17-month of the Covid-19 lockdown visitors would be able to discover their destinations. No Entry in Haram: However, the authority of Riyadh did not announce any news for the opening of Haram(Makkah and … Read more

Features, Reviews, & Specification of Samsung M30

Samsung always focuses on its quality. However, if we talked about the prices of phones. The prices of Samsung phones is very high. Due to the high price factor, the Chinese mobile phone brands take over the whole market. The Chinese phone brands a large number of communities. The main reason for it is that … Read more

WhatsApp let the users send videos in any quality

WhatsApp introduces new features day by day to improves its quality. Recently WhatsApp is going to introduce a new feature. The users can send videos of any quality. A few months ago WhatsApp launched the voice note effect. No doubt WhatsApp is one of the most popular platforms of social media. To meet the demand … Read more