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Asim Azhar denies the rumors of his engagement with model Merub Ali

The young and stunning singer ASIM AZHAR is once again in the headlines after his spat with Hania Amir. Recently, Hania and Asim have parted ways. Both were trolled a lot by their fans. Now, It is to be said that he is engaged to the model Merub Ali, but he denied and claimed that she is like her sister in one of his chats with his fans. It was also added that Merub and Asim were engaged for the past few months but hid the news as they wanted to prevent the controversies
Asim Azhar denies the news of his engagement with Merub Ali as in one of his chats about which afterward he clearly said that the chat is fake and not to circulate it further. In his tweet, he said,
‘The screenshot floating around of my chat with a fan is FAKE. I request all to not spread it any further,” the singer wrote, rubbishing the news of his conversation with a fan that had gone viral.’

Asim on Twitter!

He also claimed in his tweet that Merub and he are just good family friends.
Furthermore, Asim assured his fans that he really respects their love and care for him but any news related to his life will be given by the singer himself.
“Any announcement about my health will be made directly to me by you always. I love you guys,” he posted.
But the fans were not satisfied by his explanation and wanted a further explanation about the news of his engagement as he hadn’t talked about it in his tweet.

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