Another Patriot Passed Away Dr. AQ Khan

Yesterday on the 10th of October 2021  Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan demised. A few days ago Umer Shareef who was one of the famous comedians of Pakistan breathed his last. Dr. AQ Khan was the founder Pakistan Atomic Nuclear Program. His services for his nation are monumental. His state funereal was prayed in Islamabad. A flood of people gathered in Faisal Mosque to participate in his funereal. Many military officers, journalists, and political leaders joined the funereal.

Biography of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan:

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan was born in the Indian state Bhopal in 1936. He passed his matriculation from Bhopal. In 1952 he shifted to Pakistan at Karachi. He did his BSc in Physics in 1956 from the University of Karachi.  After passing his Bsc he worked as Inspector of weight and measures for four years at the Karachi metropolitan department. After some time he left his job and went to Germany on scholarship for higher studies. He did his master’s in Metallurgy from Berlin University and Ph.D. from Belgium.

Pakistan’s Atomic Nuclear program and Dr. AQ Khan:

On 16 December 1971 East Pakistan got separated from west Pakistan. And Pakistan was surrounded by the Indian Army. It was a very difficult moment for Pakistan. Moreover, in 1974 India became a great threat for Pakistan when India tested its Atom Bomb. Dr. Abdul Qadeer was a true patriotic.  He wrote a letter to Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and offered his services in making of Atom Bomb. In 1976 Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto invited Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan to become a part of the Pakistan Atomic Nuclear Program.

Pakistan decided to buy a Nuclear Processing Plant from France. First France signed the agreement but due to international pressure, France stepped down. In that situation, Dr. AQ Khan suggested a Uranium Enrichment method to use uranium as a fuel. In 1984 Dr. AQ Khan and his team completed the given task. But this whole process was secret. On 28 May 1998 during the regime of Nawaz Sharif Pakistan conducted a nuclear test at Chaghi Balochistan. 28 May is also known as “Youm-e-Taqbeer”.

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Services of Dr. A Q Khan:

Besides making of Atom Bomb. Dr. Abdul Qadeer was involved in many social activities. He made a hospital in Islamabad. He played an integral role in the making of GIKI (Ghulam Ishaq Khan Insititute of Engineering). He also made 11 Mosques and the mausoleum of Shahab udin Ghauri.

Awards Offered to Dr. A Q Khan:

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan had received many national and international awards for his remarkable research and performance. He was honored with the highest Civil Award of Pakistan “Nishane Imtiaz” and “Hilale Imtiaz”. He is the first Pakistani who obtain Nishane Imtiaz two times.

Last Address to Nation:

A few months ago Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan was suffered from Covid. But he recovered from covid. During Covid, he wrote a letter in which he appealed to the whole nation for Dua for recovery from illness. Moreover, he wrote that he worked with full zeal and zest for Pakistan. He expressed his feelings for Pakistan. He wrote “I could go anywhere and earn billions of dollars, but I came for Pakistan and Pakistani people”

Dr. A Q Khan was one of those Pakistani who worked for Pakistan. He sacrificed his entire life for Pakistan. His assistance for Pakistan is unforgettable. He lives in the heart of the people of Pakistan. He will always be remembered for his work and relevance.

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