AgVocacy- (Be something, Be an AgVocate)

AgVocacy is a term that is becoming popular day by day. Unfortunately, many of us are unaware of Agvocacy. Before coming towards the definition of Agvocacy, let’s have a brief look at the importance of Agriculture.

Agriculture plays a vital role in the economy of any country. It is the backbone of the economic system for developing countries. Agriculture is related to the production of food in form of crops, dairy, meat, fruit, poultry, beekeeping, and arbitrary, etc. Among which livestock is the most important and crucial aspect.

For food security, efficient animal and crop production is the dare need. To make food production efficient and smooth many important elements are required out of which Advocating the agriculture industry and its issues is the most important element, which is called “Agvocacy”.

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In other words, “speaking up and speaking positively about Agriculture is called Agvocacy and the person who is agvocating  is called an Agvocate.”

Who is an Agvocate and what is ag-vocating?

 In agriculture, “An ag-vocating is similar to Advocating (speaking in favor of something) positively for a cause, advocating for agricultural issues and the agricultural industry as a whole by any means ( especially through social media) is “Agvocating.”

An agriculture advocate is called an Agvocate,

Who speaks on behalf of Agriculture


How to be an Agvocate?

You can be Agvocate by raising and solving the issues of the farmers and by contributing to the agriculture sector. Anyone can be an Agvocate:

  • Farmer
  • Agronomist
  • Dairy Scientist
  • Animal Scientist, etc.

Passion for agriculture is the only need for becoming an Agvocate.

How an Agvocate works?

To understand the role of an Agvocate, we shall go through this example. People use animal products like meat, milk, butter, cheese, etc. But, they don’t know about animal production/Husbandry practices and their welfare.

The problem arises when the news break about poor livestock production due to mistreatment and poor husbandry practices of animals.

Since, mostly we see only the end products of animal Agriculture like milk, meat, gelatin, butter, etc. We are mostly unaware of the production and Husbandry practices and how animals are treated until or unless we do not work with them. We react negatively to poor animal production and do not assist the farmers in that time of need.

In that situation, Agvocates have the ability to put their knowledge and experience. They assist the farmers and stakeholders and tell them, “How to cope with the production issues?”

By utilizing their knowledge they can spread awareness about animal agriculture. They can spread awareness by conducting seminars, workshops, and by using social media platforms.

Become an AgVocate

The AgVocate community encourages and enables people who are passionate about modern agriculture to discuss agriculture, food production, and the innovation needed to nourish our growing world. As AgVocates ourselves, we want you to feel comfortable sharing your passion for agriculture with those who may not understand our industry and its practices. We strive to support people who are passionate about agriculture and want to be a positive voice for our industry. The AgVocate community is the place to come and have an open conversation about the challenges facing the agriculture industry today.

So, Be something, be an Agvocate

To louden your voice and empower the future of Agriculture

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