Afghan Taliban arrest officials who removed Pakistan’s flag from an aid truck

The Afghan Taliban have decided to take action against officials who removed Pakistan’s flag from an aid truck that arrived in Afghanistan from the Torkham border with essential food items.

On Sunday, Pakistan donated 17 container trucks loaded with food items on humanitarian grounds to the newly formed Taliban government in Afghanistan.

Speaking on the occasion, Habibullah Khan, President of the Pak-Afghan Cooperation Forum, had said that the gesture of goodwill from Pakistan was made at a time when the war-torn and poor people of Afghanistan were in dire need of such assistance.

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However, a video surfaced on social media of Taliban officials removing the Pakistan flag from the side of a truck.

In the video, which shows civilians and Taliban fighters, people are heard asking people to “rip” the flag. Loud cheers and cheers are heard as the flag is removed, while a Taliban fighter says it “should be burned”.

In response to the video, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said in a statement that the entire cabinet of the Islamic Emirate was “saddened” by the incident.

“Definitely this incident must have hurt the sentiments of our neighboring country for which we apologize,” he said. He said the group wants good relations with Pakistan.

He said the officers involved in the incident have been arrested and their weapons confiscated. He said that they would be dealt with as per law.

Pakistan satisfied with security assurances by Afghan Taliban: ISPR

ISLAMABAD: Military spokesman Major General Babar Iftikhar said on Monday that Pakistan is maintaining regular contact with the Afghan Taliban to safeguard the country’s security interests.

Director-General of Inter-Services Public Relations said that Pakistan is satisfied with the assurances given by the Taliban regarding peace and security.

Inter-Services Public Relations Director General Maj Gen Babar Iftikhar——- Pic from wikipedia

In an interview published by Urdu News, DG ISPR said: “Taliban has reiterated on several occasions that no group or terrorist organization is allowed to use Afghan territory for any terrorist activity against any country including Pakistan. will be given. We have no reason to doubt their intentions and hence we are in constant touch with them to safeguard our national interests.”

One of the country’s major concerns has been the presence of the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in Afghanistan.
Although the Afghan Taliban has so far made no commitment to take any action against the TTP in its territory, the former claimed that it would not allow anyone to use its territory against any country.

There have also been discussions between Pakistani officials and the Afghan Taliban about new border control measures to prevent unwanted elements from crossing the border into Pakistan. TTP attacks have increased significantly since the Taliban took over Afghanistan. However, Pakistani officials are unwilling to blame the Afghan Taliban for this and often say that it is too early to expect them to establish their authority in the border areas and take full control of the situation.

In his Urdu news interview, General Babar underlined the progress being made in fencing the 2,600-km-long border with Afghanistan.

“Our goal has always been better management on this side of the border. Fencing along the Pakistan-Afghan border was a major responsibility due to the terrain and other difficulties of the region. Despite all the difficulties, Pakistan has completed the work of fencing 90 percent of the border. Border management is constantly improving and we expect it to be completely secure in the near future.

Referring to the coverage of the collapse of the last holdout area of ​​Panjshir by a section of the Indian media, the military spokesperson said that the Indian media is based on fake news and fabricated stories.

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