Taliban declare the formation of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Days after taking over the country, the Taliban on Thursday declared itself the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan”. A spokesman for the group’s spokesman, Zabiullah Mujahid, said in a tweet that the Taliban have decided to establish an Islamic emirate to mark the 102nd anniversary of Afghanistan’s independence from British rule. The Mujahid said in its … Read more

Ayeza khan reveals her love for Madhuri Dixit

The famous and alluring actress Ayeza khan reveals her love and intimacy towards the actress across the border, Madhuri Dixit. In her previous post on Instagram, the actress has expressed her desire to meet with the rebellious actress Madhuri Dixit. On a note, Ayeza Khan is a lead actress in the Pakistani showbiz industry, and … Read more

Iqra Aziz age at the start of showbiz

The great and fine actress Iqra Aziz told the media that she was in 10th grade when she joined showbiz. Moreover, she told that she was only 14 when she started her career. Actress Iqra Aziz who recently played a lead role in “jhoothi”, Suno Chanda, khamoshi, Raqeeb use, and also winning hearts in her … Read more

Pakistan is going to establish Asia’s Largest Eye Hospital

Al-Shifa Trust started its operation to set up Asia’s largest eye hospital in Rawalpindi. The hospital can treat one lakh fifty thousand patients in a year. According to the executive director of Al-Shifa Trust. The aim of the hospital is to encourage high-quality treatment. The total cost to complete this project will be one billion … Read more

The 5 most profitable companies in the world

Many companies struggled with profitability last year as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic hit the bottom line of businesses around the world. In fact, 69 of the Fortune Global 500 companies lost a combined $275 billion in profits in 2020 — with an average loss of about $1.44 billion.Even Walmart, which claimed the top … Read more

Turkey On Fire

Six days ago, a fire came out and burn thousands of hectares of forest. A deadly wildfire has shaved the vast areas of forests and villages. Right people had died till now. Southern Coastline Manavgat: The southern coastline of the Manavgat region of Tukey is still burning. In the Antalya district of Manavgat, the clouds … Read more

Samsung ranks No. 5 in Q2 Chromebook market: Resources

Samsung Electronics Co was the world’s fifth-largest seller of Chromebooks in the second quarter of the year, a report showed on Monday, as the South Korean tech giant aims to expand its presence in the portable PC market amid the pandemic. According to a report by market researcher International Data Corp (IDC), Samsung’s market share … Read more

Top Powerful &Best Selling Laptops For Graphic Designers

When looking for a laptop that would be best if you are a graphic designer, you should be looking for features that should have a display that is able to reproduce colors accurately and looks great on your eyes. Don’t put too much pressure. A fast and good storage RAM will help you perform tasks … Read more