Is really Islamophobia Exist‼️

canadian family killed

What is Islamophobia? Islamophobia is a baseless and wrong vision. According to it, Muslims are directly associated with terrorism. This term was unknown a few years ago. After 9/11 or another terrorist attack around the world. This term came into being. The killing of Muslim Canadian Family Recently a few days ago, on June 6, … Read more

5 Tips for boosting your Confidence

Confidence is the most important and pivotal part of life without it, one can not do even a small task of life. Confidence can be defined as, “the power and belief within you to cope with different challenges of life”. It is an act of trust in you and a belief in yourself. Today, confidence … Read more

Pakistan records COVID positive under 3% for a consecutive couple of days

On Wednesday, China reported that the COVID positivity ratio of less than 3% for nearly two days in a row, according to the statistics, the National Management and Operation of the Center. Approximately 1,100 of the new positive cases have come to light over the past 24 hours, out of 43,900 tests, which have been … Read more

Dairy Products and their importance in Human Diet

Milk is one of the great wonders of nature observed as an almost complete food as it is an excellent source of fat, protein, and major minerals. Moreover, milk and its products are the main ingredients of a daily diet, especially for sensitive groups such as school-age children (growing age) and old age. Milk is … Read more

Corona Virus in Chicken a Myth or Fact!!

Coronavirus badly affects our daily routine. These days there’s a rumor that poultry consumers are badly harassed. This rumor is about “Corona Virus in Chicken”. Is coronavirus really present in chickens? Before moving on to the answer to this question. I want to share some knowledge. Poultry technically carries a disease called “infectious bronchitis”. This … Read more