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Wearing a mask while exercising is not unsafe but uncomfortable

Many people are worried about wearing or not wearing a mask while exercising, running, or doing workout at the gym. Some people are claiming that doing exercise while wearing a mask is unsafe, others are confused about the pros and cons of wearing or not wearing a mask.

Mask during exercise is really unsafe or just uncomfortable?

The answer of the question is, “Yes”. It’s protected and safe to wear a mask while working out. New research has proved that our respiratory rate, heart rate, time of exhaustion, blood pressure, and oxygen level are not seriously affected by wearing a mask during moderate to tiring aerobic physical activity. Wearing a mask while exercising may be uncomfortable, but new analysis ought to reassure exercise riders that it poses no real health risks.

 According to Dr. Matthew Kampert (a researcher), “What we found was that it is safe to exercise with the N95 type and the fabric mask”.

His team looked at 20 healthy people, 37 years old, who had run a treadmill while wearing an N95 mask, a cloth mask, and no mask. None of the participants had safety problems while working on any type of mask, and the monitors did not show abnormal heart rhythms or unsafe oxygen droplets.

The main reason for participants to stop running is due to the discomfort of the mask, according to a study published online on June 30 at the JAMA Network Open.


Kampert noted that this study did not include people with chronic illnesses or those with a heart or lung problem, and he recommended that people with lower health conditions talk to their doctor about exercise or without a mask. People who are fully vaccinated with COVID-19 can exercise indoors without masks, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“If they are not vaccinated, they should continue to wear a mask for their safety, but those who are vaccinated, do not need to wear a mask and it is not recommended by the CDC at this time,” Kampert said in a news report at the clinic.

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